“Let people use their own brains and they will.”


Gone Global with Local Know-How

Local entrepreneurial spirit and profit responsibility together with a low hierarchy and straightforward business culture are key to executing Rapala VMC Corporation’s strategy wherever we go.

The way we work supports the execution of the Rapala Group’s strategy. Having a flat organization makes our everyday work efficient, transparent and promotes direct contact between corporate management and local business units. The Group's management model relies on people management and the delegation of responsibility.

Thanks to our straightforward business culture we can treat each market as it is: a different business environment with its own challenges. This helps us to adapt to the local markets, which is often a decisive factor in making the new market a success.

The Rapala Group promotes local entrepreneurial spirit and profit responsibility. Encouraging local decision-making puts decisions in the hands of people with full knowledge of the needs of the market – while also keeping in mind the benefit of the whole group. At the same time corporate management stays hands-on and up-to-date.

This approach is also reflected in making acquisitions a part of the Rapala Group. The acquired businesses typically retain decision-making responsibilities, and that helps maintain their brand value.

We at the Rapala Group have our feet on the ground and lures in the water.