“Almost 50 000 stores in more than 120 countries sell our products.”


A Succession of Profitable Alliances

It was just one man and his hand-crafted lure in the beginning. Now Rapala VMC Corporation is a global player that brings together several brands and businesses to create a balanced portfolio. We provide fishermen with all they need, and we are increasingly doing the same to other outdoor-enthusiasts.

It all started in 1936 with Lauri Rapala and his hand-crafted lures. First the lures attracted fish and then fishermen, who wanted to catch more fish. It became a business, which started to grow.

Now the Rapala Group is a global player in recreational fishing with a complete product offering to fishermen and a distribution network to reach them. We offer a fisherman all he needs wherever he is.

Growth has come by continuously innovating new products, making profitable acquisitions and entering new markets and categories. We have succeeded in making acquired brands and businesses part of the whole without losing their value. Expansion to other categories than fishing tackle also means that we increasingly aim to answer the demand of other outdoor-enthusiasts too.

The industry's broadest distribution network has been built by buying distributors, setting up distribution companies and establishing joint ventures.

Our Rapala roots give us a strong corporate heritage. Many of our practices can be traced all the way back to Lauri Rapala's times, such as the fact that each and every Rapala lure with a swimming lip is still manually tank-tested.