Global Management Team

CEO and President

The CEO acts as the Group’s President. The duties and responsibilities of the President are set forth in the Finnish Companies Act. The President & CEO is responsible for the operative management within scope of the strategic and operative plans, budgets and action plans approved by the Board of Directors. Unless separately authorized by the Board of Directors, the CEO shall not take actions, which may be considered unusual or far-reaching in the view of the scope and nature of the Group’s business. The CEO shall ensure that the accounting of the company complies with the law and that the financial management of the company has been arranged in a reliable manner.

The CEO is entitled to represent the company in any matter within his/her authority. The CEO chairs the Global Management Team. The CEO’s service terms and conditions have been specified in writing in a service agreement approved by the Board.

The CEO and his/her deputy, are appointed by the Board of Directors.

Global Management Team of the Group

The Global Management Team assists the CEO in planning and managing the operations of the Group. The members of the GMT report to the CEO. The GMT convenes under the leadership of the CEO and is composed of different GMT members depending on the matter at hand.

President and CEO Louis d’Alançon acts as Chairman of the Global Management Team.