Internal Controls and Monitoring

The aim of internal controls is to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the Group’s operations, reliability of financial and operational reporting, and compliance with the applicable regulations, practices and policies.

The Group has a harmonized chart of accounts, uniform accounting principles (IFRS) and related reporting process. The Group is developing its Group wide information technology system, which improves the transparency of supply chain and inventories. The Group’s financial management monitors the functionality and reliability of the financial reporting process.

The Board monitors the Group’s business risks on an ongoing basis. All Group companies report their financial performance and position at least once a month to the management that prepares for the Board a monthly management report, which explains the main recent developments in the business of the Group and the major Group companies.

Communication between the Group management and subsidiaries is frequent and close. Group management, managing directors, and financial management of all subsidiaries meet several times during the year and in these meetings, business performance and internal control issues are also reviewed. In addition, representatives of Group management visit subsidiaries regularly in different assemblies. These meetings enable Group management to monitor and give guidance to the subsidiaries.