Group Structure and Culture

The Rapala Group comprises of the parent company and the manufacturing and distribution subsidiaries. The head office of the Rapala VMC Group is located in Helsinki and Brussels. Rapala VMC Corporation's shares are traded on the Nasdaq Helsinki.

Responsibility for the management of these subsidiaries rests with each company's Board of Directors, which typically comprises, the Group CEO, the Group CFO, and the Company Counsel and the subsidiary's managing director. In addition, the Group companies have their own management teams.

Product distribution is organized through sales companies, which the Group has in some 40 countries. In other countries independent importers and distributors undertake product distribution. The Group's business organization consists of two reportable operating segments: Group Products and Third Party Products.

The Group has a strong entrepreneurial and business oriented corporate culture that supports local decision making and profit responsibility. The Group's corporate structure is decentralized and flat and management model is strongly based on people management, delegation of responsibility and recognition of differences in business environments.

The Group recognizes its responsibility in relation to the shareholders, clients, employees and society as well as those with whom the Group does business. The Group is committed to carry on business in an ethically correct manner and according to laws in Finland and abroad.

In its operations, the Group takes into account the environment as well as health and safety. The Group co-operates transparently and honestly with authorities, local societies and other relevant parties in environmental and health and safety matters.