Acquisitions and divestments

Rapala VMC Corporation’s strategic objective is profitable growth. The Rapala Group’s profitable growth strategy has been implemented through various acquisitions of manufacturing and distribution companies as well as establishment of new units. Acquisitions have played a major role in expanding the manufacturing base, brand and product portfolio and scope of the distribution company network.

See below the history of major corporate and brand acquisitions, established companies and divestments since stock exchange listing.

2021Rapala Shimano East EuropeAcquisition of non-controlling interest from Shimano regarding joint ownership in East European distribution companies
2019VMC-WaterQueen UkraineDivestment of Ukrainian subsidiary
2019Normark Deutschland GmbhEstablished distribution company in Germany
2019DQC International CorpAcquired 49% share of US based company, owner of 13 Fishing rod and reel brand
2018Ltd. Normark-BelEstablished distribution company in Belarus
2017Normark LLCEstablished distribution company in Russia
2017Normark Italy srlEstablished distribution company in Italy
2017Normark Adriatik D.o.o.Established distribution company in Croatia
2016Rapala Mena FZEEstablished distribution company in United Arab Emirates
2014Mystic s.a.r.l.Acquired French fishing attractant manufacturer
2013Rapala VMC Singapore Pte. Ltd.Established administration company in Singapore
2012Normark Chile LtdEstablished distribution company in Chile
2012Strike Master CorporationAcquired the business of US based supplier of ice augers
2012Mora IceAcquired ice augers and auger cutting blades brand and all related intellectual property rights
2011PT Rapala IndonesiaEstablished distribution company in Indonesia
2011PT Rapala VMC BatamEstablished lure factory in Indonesia
2011PT VMC Fishing Tackle IndonesiaEstablished hook   factory in Indonesia
2011Normark Kazakhstan LLPEstablished distribution alliance company in Kazakhstan with Shimano
2011Rapala VMC Mexico S. de R.L. de C.V.Established distribution company in Mexico
2011Shimano UK LtdAcquired 50% share of UK based distribution company, forming a 50/50 joint venture company with Shimano
2011Advance Carp Equipment LtdAcquired UK based company engaged in design and sales of equipment and accessories for carp fishing
2011Willtech Gift LtdDisposal of a unit engaged in manufacturing of gift items in China
2010Rapala VMC Iceland ehfEstablished distribution company in Iceland
2010FLLC NormarkEstablished distribution company in Belarus
2010Kentec Gift (Shenzhen) Ltd.Established gift distribution company in China
2010Dynamite Baits LtdAcquired UK based manufacturer of boilies, groundbaits, liquid attractants, pellets and bagged particle baits for sports fishing
2009Normark Sport Romania S.r.l.Established distribution company in Romania
2009UltrabiteAcquired brand and exclusive agreement with Kiotech and CEFAS to commercialized Ultrabite pheromone technology to the sports fishing industry and market worldwide
2008Rapala Finance N.V.Established administration company in Belgium
2008SufixAcquired fishing line trademark and exclusive supply agreement with Yao I Co Ltd for the supply of fishing lines
2008Rapire TeoClosing of lure factory in Ireland
2007Rapala VMC Korea Co., Ltd.Established distribution company in Korea
2007TerminatorAcquired the business of US based manufacturer and distributor of Terminator branded spinner baits and other fishing lures
2007Distribution alliance with Shimano in East EuropeRapala and Shimano established a 50/50 joint venture company controlled by Rapala that acquired   Rapala distribution companies in Russia, Ukraine and Czech
2007Distribution alliance with Shimano in HungaryShimano subscribed a 33.4% shareholding in Rapala Hungary Ltd
2006OOO RaptechEstablished lure factory in Russia
2006TortueAcquired the business of French fishing line supplier
2005Rapala VMC China Co., Ltd.Established distribution company in China
2005Rapala VMC (Thailand) Co., Ltd.Established distribution company in Thailand
2005Tatlow and Pledger Pty LtdAcquired fishing tackle distributor in South Africa
2005Peltonen Ski OyAcquired Finnish ski manufacturer
2005Marttiini OyAcquired Finnish knife manufacturer
2005Luhr JensenAcquired the business of US based manufacturer of fishing lures and accessories
2005EuroholdAcquired Hungarian fishing tackle distribution and retail business
2005Freetime Pty LtdAcquired Australian fishing tackle distributor
2005FunFishAcquired Swiss reseller and retailer of fishing tackle products
2004Normark S.r.o.Established distribution company in Czech Republic
2004SIA Normark LatviaEstablished distribution company in Latvia
2004Rapala Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.   Established distribution company in Malaysia
2004Williamson Acquired lure brand and business in South Africa
2004Guigo MarineAcquired big game fishing business in France
2003UAB NormarkEstablished  distribution company in Lithuania
2003Esambles Deportivos S.A.Closing of Mexican packaging facility. Operations were relocated (redirected) to China and Estonia
2002Fishco AGAcquired Swiss fishing tackle distributor
2001WilltechAcquired Chinese lure manufacturing unit
2000Normark Eesti OüEstablished distribution company in Estonia
2000VMCAcquired French hook factory and hook distribution
1999Rapala Japan K.K.Established distribution company in Japan
1999StormAcquired the business of US based lure brand
1999Elbe Normark ASAcquired Norwegian fishing tackle distributor