Rapala VMC Corporation as an Investment

Markets & Products: Year-round All Around

The Rapala Group resists the effects of seasonal changes and business cycles. Having the fishing tackle industry’s largest distribution network and a broad product portfolio gives us global presence. It balances out the effect of economic shifts on us – the economy is always up somewhere. Since we operate in both hemispheres, it is always fishing season for us. We make the most of our distribution capacity even in the quieter fishing months with winter fishing, winter sports and other outdoor products in our portfolio. The Rapala Group’s distribution network deals with both the world's biggest and most demanding buyers and the smallest local retailers. The rise of recreational outdoor activities across industrialized countries creates new opportunities for us.

Strategy: We Brand, Make and Distribute

The Rapala Group’s strategy is based on three cornerstones that strengthen each other: brands, manufacturing and distribution. The way the different parts work together is unique. The distribution network provides valuable insights for manufacturing and R&D, while R&D creates new premium products, which can instantly be introduced to the mass market globally. Control of the value chain leaves us with the combined profit margins of both the manufacturing and the distribution of products. The distribution platform was created in the fishing tackle industry, but it also adapts to other categories.

Track Record: Profitable Growth Catch by Catch

The turnover and profits of the Rapala Group have grown at a steady pace. Dividends have consistently been paid to our shareholders, while we have continuously invested in the growth of the business. We have profitably built a unique global distribution network. The Group has acquired brands and businesses, expanding into new product categories in fishing. We have also extended the product range outside the fishing tackle industry, and maintain the flexibility to act when opportunities arise.

Culture: It Makes the Model Tick

The business model of the Rapala Group is made possible by our straightforward business culture and flat organization structure. By supporting local entrepreneurial spirit, we have entered new markets profitably and made new brands part of the whole. Our way of working is efficient, transparent and promotes direct contact between corporate management and business units. All this supports the execution of the Group’s strategy. We have our feet on the ground and lures in the water.