“Nobody in skiing, golf or tennis has stayed on top since the 50’s like Rapala’s lures in fishing.”


Fishermen Are Hooked on Our Brands

Fishing success makes fishermen loyal to brands, and Rapala VMC Corporation has brands for all kinds of fishermen. The portfolio is completed with other product categories to make the most of our distribution outside the fishing seasons, too.

Equipment matters to fishermen. Catching fish proves the product performs and makes fishermen loyal to the brand. Because performance counts so much, brands are more important in the fishing tackle business than on average.

Brand loyalty leads to repurchase, which is significant because in fishing small purchases are made regularly– fishermen always need new lures, lines and hooks. To keep fishermen happy, brands need to come up with new successful products consistently. The Rapala Group's R&D excels in innovation and technical expertise continuously developing its products.

With our broad brand and product portfolio we can cater to all kinds of fishermen. A single brand cannot offer the complete package, so we have brands at different price points dedicated to specific fishing tackle products such as lures, lines or hooks. We also distribute third party brands from the top of their segments, adding to what the Group can offer. By having winter fishing, winter sports and third party outdoor products in our portfolio, we can make the most of our distribution network outside the traditional fishing seasons. The portfolio is balanced with minimal overlap, and it includes both high-end and entry level products. Our broad portfolio makes us a significant partner for retailers, and it is also easy for them to take on other brands and products we distribute.

Strong brands like ours are important in a market with more and more copies and private label products. They may look the same on the shelf, but don’t perform as well in the water. Fishermen need brands they can trust to catch fish – that's why we have them hooked.