“If you control distribution, you control the business.”


Our Distribution is Bigger than Fishing

Rapala VMC Corporation has the broadest own distribution network in the business. Our local presence makes us a preferred supplier and helps us to maximize sales and manage our brands. The Rapala Group’s global reach combined with the product portfolio turns seasonal changes from an industry challenge into profitable opportunities. Our distribution has been built for fishing but it also adapts to other categories.

The Rapala Group has the industry's broadest own distribution network. We run distribution on six continents and work together with other distributors, which makes our products available in almost 50 000 stores in more than 120 countries. In addition to our own brands, we distribute several third party brands that add to what the Group can offer.

We have built our distribution strategically for year-round sales globally. Operations in both hemispheres mean it is always fishing season for us. To guarantee the full use of our distribution capacity even during the quiet fishing months, we have winter fishing, winter sports, skiing, hunting and outdoor brands – both third party and our own. The product range makes us a relevant partner to retailers throughout the year. Global presence also evens out business cycles’ effects on us – as an example: if rising oil prices are slowing down business in the United States, the economy will be up in Russia.

Our broad product portfolio means the Rapala Group is recognized by all kinds of retailers and is a preferred supplier in markets across the board. Our distribution covers the whole world and we are at home everywhere. Strong local presence and decision-making makes it easy to adapt to different kinds of business environments and various types of customers. Local presence leads to close customer relations and market understanding everywhere – the same lure might sell in Thailand and France but in different colors. We are not bound to specific vendors, which means we can maximize the distribution range. Having our own distribution also gives us e.g. brand control in marketing.

The global distribution platform has been created in the fishing tackle industry, and we can adapt it to other products as well, e.g. the outdoor category.