We’re really proud of our products, and we’ve put a lot of effort into making them visually impressive, as well. To let our colorful and detailed lures, reels, and knives shine, we have a team of talented graphic designers – they are the ones who make sure our products look as good in our marketing as they do in real life. One of our visual pros is Sofia Svensk, who designs anything from online banners to prints ads – and even trams.

Marketing | 2 min read

How did you become a professional graphic designer?

I’ve always been an extremely creative person. After high school, I enrolled in an upper secondary school for arts – and after that, I studied print production and media service. But for me, I always knew the best way to learn is to learn by doing. So, I started participating in contests for graphic design. Before I knew it, I was competing on a European Championships level! That shows that there’s more than one way to get an education.

What brought you and Rapala VMC together?

It wasn’t the usual beginning of a career. It happened so that Normark, Rapala VMC’s distributor, called our school and asked for ‘the most applicable’ student to come in for an interview. Well, that was me. I took the interview – and right after that started working as a marketing assistant at Normark! That was in 2019, and in early 2021 I started working as a graphic designer for Rapala VMC in our Helsinki headquarters.

What’s the best part in your job?

I absolutely love how different the days here can be. I get to work with a wide range of brands on a variety of different platforms. One day, I’m designing the layout for a catalog – and next, I’m creating a wrapping for a Rapala tram!

What’s your advice to young graphic designers entering the field?

If your teacher ever tells you that there aren’t any jobs in this field, don’t listen to them! Hard-working and nice people will always find work. And if you feel stuck, shaking things up can provide a new perspective – often, the best kind of progress happens right outside your comfort zone.

If you were a Rapala lure, which one would you be?

According to my colleagues, I’d be the X-Rap Haku! They said it’s because I’m technical, young, and full of color – just like Haku!