In our team, there are many professionals who have traveled across the world to pursue their professional dreams. Among our international talents is Tommy Chan, Rapala VMC’s IT Director, who’s seen half the world during his career.

IT | 2 min read

Tommy’s introduction to the international lifestyle began in 1998 when he started his Information Systems and Technology studies in Perth, Australia. After graduating, he joined Rapala Australia as the IT Manager in 2006. Eventually, his path led to Singapore, where he started managing the local factory’s IT department. But, his travels were far from finished.

“In 2017, I was offered the opportunity to come to Helsinki and develop an IT department in the Rapala VMC headquarters. The timing couldn’t have been better since we had just completed our assignment in Singapore. To make the prospect even better, I had heard many good things about Finland – the work-life balance, the quality of health care, general safety, and much more.”

As one might guess, Tommy has always had a positive and open outlook on working abroad.

“I love getting exposed to different cultures and values. International work has given me plenty of opportunities to push myself out of my comfort zone and gain valuable new perspectives on both work and life.”

Since his relocation to Finland in 2017, Tommy wasn’t about to rest on his laurels. Instead, in 2018, he moved to Hong Kong to set up an IT development team to support the Group’s IT development sector.

“When building an international career, change is a thing you need to learn to embrace. Of course, change can be scary. But it also pushes you to become a better person. You see new things and gain new perspectives that can help you tackle problems in your life.”

In March 2022, Tommy will be returning to the Rapala VMC headquarters in Helsinki to take on the responsibilities of the IT Director. Years of global experience now culminate in his assignment to manage the Group’s global IT implementation. It’s been a path guided by passion and open-minded decisions – and those are among the values Tommy advises to follow if dreaming of an international career.

“Ask yourself what you’re passionate about – and start working for that goal. Don’t let personal routines become an obstacle. When the opportunity comes, you’ll be fully prepared for the new challenges that await.”