Rapala lures are not only known for their fish-catching action but also for their strikingly detailed colors. Each finish is carefully designed – and executed with equal precision. To this day, most of our lures are hand-painted to ensure top-notch quality. Overseeing this process in the Pärnu lure production unit is Aiti, the team leader of the Rapala paint shop. And with her extensive background as a lure painter, she knows exactly how a top-notch lure should look.

Production | 2 min read

What does a team leader at a lure painting department do?

My main task is to ensure my team can work as efficiently and effortlessly as possible. I also go through each day’s task list and make sure we move according to the schedule. And whenever we get a new member to the team, I orientate them. All the lures are unique and need to be painted in specific ways and checked for quality, so there are many things to learn. And, just like every team leader, I sit in on a lot of meetings!

 What brought you and Rapala VMC together?

I started in 2008 on the assembly line – at first, my task was cleaning the lures. Then, I moved on to sawing the grooves for swimming lips. When the paint shop started looking for new painters, I wanted to go there right away. I was among the first women there, and now the whole department’s predominately female! My job description has changed quite a lot since coming here, but my love for the paint shop hasn’t changed one bit.

What’s your favorite part of the job? 

 The colors! Especially when working with challenging colors. Initially, it can be tricky – but when you get the right tone, it’s always an instant wow effect. Nowadays, my job is mainly about leading the team. But whenever instructing new employees, I get to do a bit of painting. And I still get a kick out of working with all the different colors!

So, how about that fishing?  

For me, fishing – and fishing tackle – is mostly a profession. But my eldest son and husband are both passionate anglers. Naturally, they’ve been fishing with Rapala lures – and have caught a lot of good ones with them!

Do you have a favorite Rapala lure?

For me, it’s not the model but the colors that make the lure! The more tones the bait has, the more I like it. Anything with eight different colors combined has my vote!