In for the Long Run – Päivi’s Story

Rapala VMC is home to close to 2000 passionate professionals. Some of them have just hopped on board, while some have made their careers here. Päivi Ohvo, the Managing Director of Marttiini and Rapala VMC North Europe, is of the latter group. 

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What brought you and Rapala VMC together?

I started in Marttiini’s export sales in 1992 and made it to Marketing Manager in 1995. In 2001, I became the Managing Director of Marttiini, and in 2005 we joined the Rapala VMC group. Throughout this time, my career development has been shaped by my interests and areas of expertise.

How has your career evolved throughout the years?

During my career, I’ve seen and experienced a lot: from the difficult depression Finland was going through in the 90s to my time spent in Estonia and at one of our distributors in the US. Finally, in 2021, I relocated to Helsinki and took on the position of Managing Director of Rapala VMC North Europe. In the spring of 2022, my role grew as I became also the Vice President of Human Resources and the Managing Director for our brands Marttiini and Peltonen Ski! So, a lot has changed – but wonderful products, inspiring tasks, and a positive work community have remained.

What is the most exciting change you’ve seen during your time at Rapala VMC?

In the last couple of years, Rapala VMC has taken the giant leap from being a manufacturing-centered company to a customer-centered brand powerhouse with a community of can-do people. If you ask me, that’s definitely one of the most exciting things I’ve seen!