“To know nature is to respect it.”


The Foundations for Continued Nature Experiences

Rapala VMC Corporation has a responsibility to shareholders, employees, business associates and the society as well as all people who use the Rapala Group’s products. We take responsibility of our actions and their environmental impact wherever we operate.

The Rapala Group’s operations are continuously developed into an even more sustainable direction to promote a clean environment. Almost all of the Group’s products are connected to experiences of nature and the outdoors. This close link to nature through sports and other activities makes a healthy environment integral to our business. We manage the impact of our business activities in ways that will allow future generations to enjoy fulfilling nature experiences while using the Rapala Group’s products.

We take responsibility of our actions everywhere we operate. The Group always respects local societies, practices and surroundings, and operates according to local legislation. Personnel is treated with respect, and health and safety issues are a priority. Everyone who works for the Group can constantly develop through on-the-job learning and special training. Everyday practices are systematically developed throughout the Group.

The Rapala Group develops its products, manufacturing processes and operating methods in ways that reduce their environmental impact throughout the products' lifecycle. The Rapala Group’s R&D department continuously seeks to replace current raw materials with more environmentally friendly substances – yet still maintaining the products' desirability. Of course, most of the Group's products are used for years or even decades.

Rapala VMC Corporation’s sustainability strategy 

Sustainability is at the core of Rapala VMC Corporation’s business. The Group has prepared a sustainability strategy aimed at becoming one of the first fishing tackle companies to act upon a set of seriously ambitious environmental objectives. The ultimate target is to be one of the leading fishing tackle companies in the world in terms of sustainability by 2024. 

Fishing is not only about catching fish. It is also about exploring, preserving and respecting the outdoors.

Sustainability strategy of Rapala Group includes environmental, social and economic responsibility, and the strategy will be planned and implemented on each business unit separately. 

Environmental responsibility contributes a considerable share of the whole sustainability strategy. The sustainability strategy in terms of environmental responsibility focuses on the following topics: 

  • Decreasing production emissions (Volatile organic compounds, VOCs, and CO2 emissions)
  • Product raw materials and design
  • Resource efficiency (energy and water use)
  • Recycling
  • Product packaging
  • Consumer communication

The ultimate aim of the strategy is to use environmentally friendly materials in the Group’s products and packaging, minimize the use of energy and water in production and the release of VOCs and CO2 and maximize the recycling and recyclability of production by-products and sidestreams. The targets for each business unit will be set separately due to different characteristics of the products and production methods.

More information about sustainability and corporate responsibility of Rapala VMC Corporation and special actions can be found in the below Sustainability Report.