Premium Products for the Mass Market

Innovation is key in everything outdoor-related, and especially the fishing tackle business. Rapala VMC Corporation’s manufacturing expertise feeds global R&D, which consistently delivers successful premium products. Our distribution network instantly gets them to the mass market globally.

Consistent innovation is necessary to stay at the top of the fishing tackle industry. That applies to everything outdoor-related, but especially fishing – about a fifth of annual Rapala branded lure sales comes from new products. Overall it means that every year the Rapala Group's R&D comes up with new ways to make successful fishing tackle.

The majority of products under the Rapala Group's own brands are manufactured in the Group's own production facilities. Control over production gives us flexibility to develop the supply chain, so that we can serve our customers better – provide shorter lead times and tailored products – and match production volumes with demand. Manufacturing is outsourced if there are no synergy benefits from using our own facilities.

The Rapala Group's manufacturing capabilities are unique – we have the world's largest lure and treble hook manufacturing facilities, and are also the only ones capable of manufacturing mass market balsa lures.

Expertise in manufacturing and product R&D go hand in hand. Manufacturing and R&D also benefit from insights gathered through the global distribution network, which in turn makes new products instantly available to the mass market globally.

Over the years the Rapala Group has produced many proven classics that fishermen rely on through the years. But the ability to create new products with the potential to become future classics equals consistent success. We are also the proud bearers of the world record for world records – Rapala lures have caught more world record fish officially listed by IGFA (International Game Fish Association) than anyone else.